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Akuan Bersumpah RPK tentang maklumat pembunuhan Altantuya yang dia terima daripada orang nombor dua Perisik Tentera

The government raided the offices of Selangor Exco just on an internet report -- internet report!

Somebody publishes the story on internet accusing a certain exco member of taking money and they raid the office, confiscate the documents and they want to proceed charging these people for the corruption on amount involving two thousand ringgits - three thousand ringgits- petty amount.

But the source of the information , the source of the information is - somebody wrote an allegation on an anonymous website and even the person who is making that allegation is unknown. But that is enough for the government to spring into action immediately and start arresting people and proceed with prosecuting the men in court.

Now here, I've not made an anonymous allegation.I actually signed a 'surat sumpah'- a statutory declaration with my signature and I signed it in the Kuala Lumpur court.

The information given to me is that, there were two army officers who are involved in the murder and these army officers, these two army officers - husband and wife worked for Rosmah.

Rosmah never denied that. She never denied that these people worked (for her). Even in Mindef, they're fully aware that these two people worked for Rosmah and they (the two army oficers) were there that night.This was what milittary intelligent said and Rosmah also was there that night - according to milittary intelligent. And this is the number 2 in the Special Branch Milittary Inteligent who revealed that and that they suggested that we make this known public so that investigations can be launched.So did it.

Now, I did not publish that on the internet.What I did was, I got my lawyers to send it a copy to the prosecutor. So my lawyers, after I've signed that Statutory Declaration in the Kuala Lumpur High Court, my lawyers wrote to the prosecutor, attaching a copy of that SD and lost it in them.

So we did it all legal and above board – all legal and official.They leaked it and it came out in one Umno website

Now, one Umno-website published a copy of that Statutory Declaration, which my lawyer have sent to the prosecutor. How this Umno-website get a copy of that and why did they publish it?

Because of this Umno-website have published it, the police said I’ve commited a crime.

Now my crime is not for signing the Statutory Declaration which many people do not realize.My crime is not for signing that Statutory Declaration.My crime is for publishing it! But I DID NOT PUBLISH IT.The Umno-website published it!

Why did they not detain the website master whom they know – this is not an anonymous website.The website master’s name and photograph are on the website.Why they did not detain the webmaster and get him to reveal where he got the Statutory Declaration from?

Because the crime I was suppose to have commited is for publishing it; but I’ve never published it. I signed it, my lawyers send it to the prosecutor through official letter but I’ve never published it.Someone else did.

Now as soon as it came out on the website, the Attorney General said : “He has signed a false declaration and we are going to take actions against him for signing a false declaration.”

The next day the IGP said, the police are investigating and will take actions on the false declaration which I’ve signed.

How did the Attorney General knew the very next day and the police two days …er….one day or two days after the statutory declaration.How did they know I’ve signed a false statutory declaration? No investigation was launched.They knew about it because it came out on an Umno website.

But because it came out on Umno website, they immediately classified as a false declaration and they said they are taking actions against me.

They have already decided on my crime and already decided the punishment I’m going to get without even investigating wether my SD is true or false.

They refuse to investigate my SD; they only want to focuss on the crime for publishing and that is what they are going for.

Now, what we wanted was for them to launch an investigation.This is what I was told by a very senior man in the special branch.Is it true or is it false? We will never know unless the police launched an investigation.

Instead, they want to take actions against me which I never did the publishing in the first place, anyway, you know…

So this is the selective prosecution the Malaysian government practices.But when come to the member of opposition, even an anonymous allegation by an unknown person on an anonymous website, is good enough for us to raid the office, confiscate everything and charge them for corruption.And here we have a legal document and they said ‘NO’, THIS IS FAKE! End.

This is the video, the above article based on,uploaded on Youtube on Aug 21, 2009.Enjoy the video:


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azman kamarul said...

Selepas ini cerita perisik tentera yang memberi dokumen kepada RPK berkaitan pembunuhan model Monggolia itu pula akan keluar.
Kesian ye....silap-sila 2 orang tentera ini pulak yang duduk dalam bilik berjerejak besi....mmmmmm...aman dan makmurnya negara ku.


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